Ragga Muffins :-)


It was lots of positive vibes in the air on Booiaka  and Zumba class today  :-)  My Booiaka girls, WOW you smashed  that routine:-)!  Zumba girls it was a sweaty and hot class, wasn’t it? So much fun !!!

Remember next Saturday we have Fitness Soul Active Picnic we would love to see you all. Come to dance  and exercise with us or just come to watch :-) more details here

We will do various dance sessions including Zumba, Ragga & Dancehall , Hip Hop and fitness session: Kettlebells, Body Flow, LBT, Aerobics and more

Just to get you in the mood listen the song 


Monday classes are all on

6pm Zumba in the Night Club – Bongo Club

6.30pm Kettlebells – Abercorns Sports Club

7.20pm Zumba – Trinity Academy (we will change the venue soon)

8pm Zumba – Lifecare Centre


  1. Hi there
    do you do any dancehall classes or similar in Edinburgh at all?

    • Hi Diana, Check out our Sunday and Monday Booiaka classes :-)

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