15 Tips to Restart Your Fitness Journey After The Break


So you have fallen off the fitness track… Well, it happens, so don’t worry! The come back doesn’t have to be daunting.
It’s all about the baby steps. Once you start and keep going, it will become a habit again.
Here are few tips to get you ready to restart fitness journey!

  1. Sign up for a membership, a block of classes or a challenge. This will keep you motivated.
  2. Schedule your workouts in the calendar
  3. Treat each session like an appointment with the doctor
  4. Get your gym gear ready. Take it with you to work!
  5. Take it at your pace and listen to your body
  6. No one judges you
  7. Your performance might be slightly smaller don;t get frustrated
  8. Build up your fitness back gradually
  9. Remember how good it makes you feel
  10. Get a buddy
  11. Be consistent
  12. Don’t miss a session
  13. If something came up, do a workout at home instead. Try Fitness Soul Holidays Workouts!
  14. Do workouts which you love, and they make you feel good
  15. It’s all about baby steps

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