The 28-Day FREE Fitness Challenge

For busy people who want to jump-start healthy living.

This program is for someone who wants to start exercising and get into better shape but doesn’t know where to start.

So, if you haven’t exercised for a long time, and you don’t feel comfortable enough joining a fitness club or hiring a personal trainer yet, jump on board!


only a couple of minutes each day


The program is easy. You only need a couple of minutes each day.

For the first week, you will learn basic exercises. We believe that good technique is key. This will allow you to firstly stay safe, and then make faster progress later, reaping all the benefits. Then, very slowly and gradually, we will put some exercises together, to create mini workouts to challenge your muscles and heart.


it’s free


How many times did you promise yourself that you will start to get fit? Have you ever joined a gym but after a couple of sessions your enthusiasm died? And you have never gone back.

A lot of gyms rely on you to make their money that way!


exercising can be fun


There are many fitness programs out there but a lot of them focus only people who are already fit, although they might claim differently. Those programs promise you a great body in a very short period but very rarely do they deliver. Usually, they ask you to do too much, too quickly. This leads to disappointment, burnout, or injury.

This is because you started too hard, you’ve pushed yourself too far, and your can’t keep up the commitment it takes.


turn an everyday activity into a healthy habit.


This program is different. Our goal is to turn an everyday activity into a healthy habit. I’m not here to break you or to show you how weak you are. I am here to show you that exercising can be fun and you have the power to change your life!


feel better about yourself and your body


This program is not about revolution and I don’t promise it will massively change your life. But if you stay with me, I promise you will feel much better about yourself and your body. You will have a little more energy and suddenly daily tasks will become a little bit easier.

Then you might even consider joining a fitness club, gym or sign up for the dance lessons? Who knows? It happens all the time – so why not to you too?


burn fat and tone up


Although it’s not our main goal, your body composition will start changing too. Slowly and surely you will burn fat and tone up.


community support


Plus, you will have support from a private community, all either going through the same changes you are, or experts ready to help you!

You see, we are social creatures and we need to surround ourselves with same-minded people. That’s where our Facebook group comes into play. You don’t have to participate in a discussion, it’s not a requirement (and it doesn’t burn calories – I’d rather you were out moving than staring at your phone).

But, I believe that our community will help you achieve better results and stay motivated, for longer.

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