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5 Best Open Water Swimming Venues Near Edinburgh


We love open water swimming and here in Edinburgh, we are spoiled with many fantastic open water swimming venues, all within 30 min drive from the city centre.

Those are our top 5!

  • Wardie Bay Beach 
  • Portobello Beach
  • Threipmuir Reservoir, Pentland Hills
  • Gladhouse Reservoir, Gorebridge
  • Gullane Beach
best open water swimming venues

Wardie Bay Beach

92 Lower Granton Road, Granton, Edinburgh, EH51ER.

The charming little beach in the heart of Edinburgh.

Portobello Beach

1 Promenade, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 2DX

Portobello Beach, a few miles from Edinburgh city centre, is a charming seaside suburb, with two miles of sand making it perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Threipmuir Reservoir, Pentland Hills

EH27 8DH

Reservoir situated to the south of Edinburgh in the Pentland Hills, two miles south of Balerno.

Gladhouse Reservoir

EH23 4TF

Formerly known as Moorfoot Loch, is a reservoir in Midlothian, five miles south of Penicuik. The largest lake in Lothians. 

Gullane Beach

EH32 0QD

Amazing sandy beach located near North Berwick in Lothian.

Are you interested in starting open water swimming?

Do you need guidance and coaching? Get in touch!

Here at Fitness Soul, we organise weekly open water swimming training sessions, impromptu cold water dips and we can also help you with taking first steps into the fantastic world of open water swimming.

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