A Small, Local Gym vs Big, National Chain

Both gyms can serve the purpose, can help you get healthier and fitter. Your results will depend mostly on your motivation and adherence to the program.


PRICESMedium to highVery low to medium
COACHESBeen in the business for a long timeMostly young, inexperienced
ADHERENCEYou will be nudged to come more oftenOnce you get membership, you are on your own, unless you hire pt
ATMOSPHEREVery friendly, encouraging, inclusiveVery clean, almost sterile, very little soul
BUILDINGEither old garage or church hallNew, purpose built
EQUIPMENTMinimum, well usedThe newest on the market
LOCATIONHidden, back alleyPrime, high street
MEMBERSSmall, 50-150 members1K+
RESULTSIt is up to you!It is up to you!



A national chain wins on the membership price and the location, the small, local gym have a lot of advantages too:


  • coaches remember your name, your history and your goals
  • you will not find it the prime location, it will be well hidden, like a little insider gem
  • you will be part of a small group
  • it’s local and authentic
  • your money goes straight back to the community
  • the classes timetable is small, only a few classes per day
  • you will know the owners, they will probably train you, and there is a big chance you will become good friends
  • a superb vibrant community of people with similar goals
  • you will have to be open; people will talk to you, they care
  • coaches are very passionate and knowledgeable; they are not here by mistake, that’s their true passion
  • coaches are pay about the average
  • there are nights out, casual drinks, races, fitness conventions, Ceilidh; you will be encouraged to take part in


So there you go, our comparison: local gym vs big gym.

The choice is yours:)