How To Achieve ALL Your Fitness Goals

reach your goals

I have just had another look at our goals board. It looks impressive. As a collective, we want to get stronger, fitter and burn fat. 

Some of you have written down the big, scary goal like a flat stomach or dress size 10 while others went for smaller, actionable ones, like eating one portion of greens every day or run 2 a week. 

And while all goals are achievable, and there are no goals to big, it is crucial to see the difference between them big scary goals and those small ones. 

If you keep saying, ” I want to have a flat stomach”, and you do nothing about that, nothing will change. It is just a fantasy, not a goal. 

If you want to see the change, you need to take a few additional steps. 

Answer those questions:

1. Why do you want this to happen? What’s the reason? What’s your motivation?

2. When do you wish this to happen? Put the completion date on it. Say as it would already occur (it’s 16th May today, but you could say ”I am on holidays in Majorca, is 15th September and I have a flat stomach.”

3. What are the smaller, quantifiable goals you need to achieve every day?

* eat green every day

* drink more water

* avoid process food

* exercise at least 5 times a week for 45min. 

Now you are ready to tackle your goal. Enjoy the process!

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