5 Tips How to Achieve Your Fitness and Wellbeing Goals.


We asked our members what motivates them? What helps them to achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals!



1. The feeling of achievement after a great workout and the buzz I get from pushing myself. It always helps clear my mind, doesn’t matter if I turn up feeling low I always leave feeling great. Gill

2. To get those moments of pure happiness after an achievement. Otherwise coffee always works. Barbara

3. What motivates me in terms of fitness/wellbeing is doing something that’s good for my body as well as my mental health. It’s the purest form of self-care to dedicate time to your body and mind, just for yourself. I’ve found that, for me, if you focus on doing it for your mental and emotional wellbeing first, then the benefits on your body follow after.  Jennifer

4. To get that buzz after you have done something that you didn’t think your body could do or maybe couldn’t previously do.  Alex

5. The chance to and like Alex says, feeling the buzz of doing something you didn’t think you could manage. Nothing beats feeling strong and healthy  Sarah

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