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And The Winners Are….

Fitness Soul is pleased to announce the winners of Our 3 Years Anniversary Competition.

We offered up 3 Basic Memberships for 1 month. We asked to comment why we should choose you (or your friend) and share this offer.
In only one week, we received 42 submissions!
All your comments have been fantastic, and Joanna and I had a tough time choosing only 3.

We did it, after all, but we have also decided to give you all chance of tasting a magic of Fitness Soul.
Every person who took part in the competition can claim 7 Days Unlimited Pass (RRP £14.9) for a price of 1 class (£7)

So if your name is on the list below, get in touch and get in shape!

  • Kate Farrell
  • Tammy Gill
  • Effee Shearer
  • JJ Tait
  • Sarah Wylie
  • Delia Harvey
  • Donna Grieve
  • Lisa Wallace
  • Linda Mccue
  • Philippa Harrop
  • Tracy Watt
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Philippa Harrop
  • Jenny Davidson-Boyd
  • Didi
  • Sharon Tuck
  • Vitalija Vitality
  • Sìne Pedersen
  • Manjari Bajpai
  • Steph Bain
  • Leigh- Anne Hunter
  • Robert Murray
  • Libby Pedersen
  • Katherine Galliard
  • Sarah Galliard
  • Lefteris
  • Emma Carter
  • Natalia Tobar Pelttari
  • Leigh-Anne Baker
  • Alana Coull
  • Lisa Cochrane
  • Anna Findlay
  • Dorota Dul
  • Mariel Slater
  • Donna Grieve


And now…

The top prizes went to (alphabetical order)

Effee Shearer ”Because I’m rebuilding my body from scratch and I love the way you do things.”

Anna Findlay and Dorota Dull (recommended by Joanna Pośpiech) : ”For my lovely friends… to show them that even busy mums can do it. They can work hard, don’t worry about childcare and spend time with kids at the same time. Being a mum is no excuse! When you are happy, your kids will be happy as well! To show them that healthy living is not so hard. Fitness Soul has given me many things, but the greatest gift is the people I’ve met through it!”

Mariel Slater (recommended by Zoe Paige): ”because looking after two small humans is exhausting and because her partner is OBSESSED with football and she deserves something to do for herself. She would LOVE to learn how to do the perfect burpee. She told me. (Part of this post is a lie…)”
We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part!


Have a great day!

Strong Body – Open Mind – Beautiful Soul – Welcome to Fitness Soul, a fitness studio where the exercise is fun, and the results are real!

Joanna, Leszek and Fitness Soul Team

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