Six Basic Bodyweight Exercises

Are you new to the Fitness Soul? Are ready to start your fitness journey? Do you want to refresh your skills? Join Leszek and 3 Fitness Soul members for this 6 video tutorial of the basic bodyweight exercises. Did you enjoy that? Try also our Free 28 Days Challenge

How To Make a Start

“Patience is a virtue” I’ve never really had much time for this. I recognise the wisdom in it and all that. And moderation in all things, I suppose. But I wanted to write today about the purgatory that is procrastination. Dr Seuss calls it “The Waiting Place” – “Waiting for Read more…

The BEST DIET ever alert!

You will feel energized, stronger, fitter and your body will go to its natural shape. Combining it with daily movement will make you a BADASS!     The best diet you can have is eating real food! I don’t believe in magic pills and shakes! They are money-making scams. Your Read more…

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Fitmamas Effect

Anna used to be fit. She enjoyed running and regular fitness classes at the local gym. And then she got pregnant. And while she was an amazing, carrying mother, she had no time to take care of herself. She had what she loved to do. She could not attend morning Read more…

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