Autumn Clean


My last blog entry appeared to be the kiss of death for summer. Sorry about that folks.

Still, autumn’s nice too. It’s been a bit bleak at Bootcamp HQ this month – I, like seemingly everyone else I know, have been struggling to shake off various infections and viruses. Short of donning a nosegay and waving a bell, I’m running out of ideas. It’s easy, when feeling run down anyway, and facing the gradual return of the darkness and coldness into our lives, to get a little morose.

We start to think of fleeces, blankets and digging out our winter soup spoon. But autumn, like spring, is a great time for change.

The leaves turn all kaleidoscopic.

There are squirrels everywhere.

So this year, I am declaring a “autumn clean” on my life – diet, workout, emotional wellbeing.

I started with the numbers – you can’t argue with those. I’m 41, 182 cm tall. I weigh 80 kg and am 14.4% bodyfat. I’m 62.1% water, 5 KG bone< 3.4 kg visc fat, 65.8kg muscle. My metabolic age is 26.

I’ll be repeating this series of measurements at the end of September and also regularly until December, so I’ll be watching for a pattern. (As an aside, if you join bootcamp, you get these measurements and more taken for free!)

After that, I’m creating my own programme to follow. And creating new challenges to share with the Bootcamp crew too this month. I’ll be posting on the into the Bootcamp facebook group, but if you aren’t in that, just ask me for the details. If you want to see some progress quickly, try this. See how many squat thrusts you can do in a minute. Write that number down.

Mine is 53. Half that, and give yourself 45 seconds to do it. Then do it three times in total (26*3 for me) with a minute between each one. Now, try to do that at least five days a week until the end of the month, then redo the 1 minute max again. See?

Changes. So why not try to change the way we see autumn, to reflect on ways we can let our own decayed parts fall away and use the chance to begin our own change.


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