Badass Cross Training lunchtime session


The Badass Cross Training it’s our brand new lunchtime session!

Badass Cross training


Join our coaches Joanna and Roz and  get stronger, leaner,injury free with this awesome Badadd Cross training session!
We will be working out on Monday and Friday at 12.15pm. Please make sure to book online.
We will use Weights, Ropes, TRX, Sandbags, Body Weight, Plyo Boxes, Medicine Balls and anything else in between. It’s going to be tough but quick! We will mix interval training and strength training on that session. If that’s something you will like, we can’t wait to train with you :-)



Badass cross training is perfect for those who want improve their fitness and performance. You will get stronger, leaner and injury free. It will help you to be better  runner, cyclist, triathlete, swimmer dancer etc and it will just make you so much fitter.
Please note this workout is not coached and it’s not suitable for beginners! Girls will be explaining the exercises and the workout on the beginning but they will be working out the same time as you will. It’s their workout session and you can simply train with them.

If you are new to fitness and that time suits you please contact us to arrange some 1 to 1 induction session to help you to get ready for our Badass Training.


Make sure to book you session here

Any questions give us a shout!


We are super excited and we can’t wait to start!


Joanna & Roz

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