Bootcamp, end of the week 1.



Only three weeks to go?

BOOOOO! I’m already worrying that I can’t find time to get all the groovy exercises into the nine remaining scheduled classes and wondering whether Leszek would notice if I just snuck you all back in for one last week; like getting the band back together for one last gig.

It is, however, hard to write a blog entry without filling it up with in-jokes that only we hardy bootcamp souls will understand. I’ll try to make it accessible for all. Not everyone can be a rodeo star….. My high point of the week was setting up the circuit and watching everyone working hard whilst enjoying the variety. My low point was definitely realising that I had blown both the sequence AND the timings.

But that just gave everyone longer to dangle around on the climbing wall pretending to be in “Cliffhanger”. And I was surprised how anger-free everyone was around the punchbag. I will definitely have to help you all find your inner maniacs.

Apart from Rob.

That maniac can stay twitching and snarling just below the surface thank you very much. I’m going through the same food cravings as the rest of the team too. With three other people (two of them under four foot tall) in the house, purging the pantry of sinful but oh so pleasing products wasn’t a possibility, so I am having to rely on willpower. As I’m a normal person, not a hunter-gatherer type, this is hard. I’ve drooled over chocolate but I’ve remained chaste.

Pizza Saturday was cancelled at work and Salad Saturday means no one will talk to me anymore. My recipe of the week is a salmon and egg salad. I pan fried the salmon with pineapple juice and ginger and boiled the eggs. The base is spinach, and I grated a fresh beetroot with an apple, pepper and a carrot and missed it up with smoked paprika and a tiny bit of crème freche. It was amazing. So week 2 starts tomorrow. We are going to become bears, spiders and pigeons. By Friday that will make more sense.

See you all at stupid o clock!


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