Bootcamp – Final Week!



A turbulent week at bootcamp this week and a slight stumble off the healthy eating wagon. But as with most setbacks, the key is regrouping, accepting you’ve strayed off the healthy eating path, and getting back on it. It’s super tempting to dwell and give up and gorge.
But with a bit of self-forgiveness and discipline, we go back to making progress.

And speaking of progress: it’s the final week!


Soon we all get to see what we have achieved together. The numbers at the end are a part of that, but more importantly is our reflections on how well we have committed to, and achieved, what we wanted to do.
The truth is, everyone has made such good progress towards a more healthy future.
Together we have worked hard on fitness and health goals and learned some techniques and tactics to hopefully keep up the momentum after the intensely dedicated classes end.
I’ve tried to take a new angle of the food idea this week.
I know a lot of you travel, so I tried to come up with a cheap healthy meal that needs no preparation or special equipment. A big bag of mixed greens, a torn up pepper, and a steamed unflavoured salmon fillet. Ideally spinach instead of lettuce but lots of vitamins and minerals, multiple colours and a big protein hit, all for under £6 and ready in a flash!

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So all I have left if to say bring on the final week!

I hope you all take advantage of the free gift of a choice of classes at Fitness Soul, and I’ve loved being your coach so far.
You’ve all done so well, early mornings, cold and heavy rain, and darkness haven’t stopped you from showing up or from smiling!
I’ve a few surprises up my sleeve for the final week and it’s time to meet the dreaded Cleaver pyramid.
See you all

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