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Calisthenics workshop and future plans.

Calisthenics Edinburgh

WCO Calisthenics Workshop

Last weekend,  my idea of the capacities and limits of the human body changed forever; broadened and stretched to its limits by a couple of talented dudes,  with Chris Luera AK Tatted Strength, Aslan Steel and Mobbar crew leading the way. A two-day WCO Calisthenics workshop introduced me to the unknown and fascinating world of calisthenics and freestyle.
Planches,  handstands,  flips and all kinds of different sick moves are beautiful to watch but extremely hard to perform.
These people are nuts! They train every day,  sometimes for a couple of hours at a time and are completely dedicated. I was well surprised that they know so much about fitness and human performance; paying great deal of attention to stretching,  foam rolling and clean nutrition. I was so happy to find out that many of them follow a plant based diet!

I had a fantastic time and learnt a lot. It was a humbling experience though. I’m not used to being the weakest link in the room:) But it will change! I know the path now,  I know the progression and I know that if I can put my mind to it I can achieve it! The most important thing is consistency and dedication. Do a little,  every day and you will be surprised with the results!
Catch you later on the other side of the bar!

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