Capernaum Review


There are movies to scare you; there are movies to amuse you or to teach you.

Only a few movies touched my soul, drilled into my human essence, made me ask questions about my life and my role here on earth. Capernaum is one of them.

It’s a story about a 12-year boy, who lives on the streets of Lebanon, who sells drugs to feed his little stepbrother*
I’m not going to tell you details; you need to watch yourself. Don’t expect an easy time. You will see abuse, extreme poverty and despair. But also hope.

After 2h hours, you will be left speeches. It is impossible to imagine the lives of the main characters.

The questions will run in your head, why this happens to human beings?
How can I help?
Is there any way to help?
I don’t know any answers.

You can send money; you can donate to charity, you can give your time. Admittedly, it will help.

But I think we own those unfortunate people, not different from us, just born in a wrong place and time, something more, something we could do right now.

We need to stay humble.
And calm the fcuk down.
Stop worrying about trivial shit, be kind to each other and yourself.

We are blessed to live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. So when things go wrong, say your car doesn’t want to start, or the bus is late, or your boss wasn’t nice to you in the lift. When you think that all world is against you, remember, there are hundreds of people who would swap positions with you, anytime.

They would swap you on the spot, and regardless of yours today’s position, they would become the happiest people in the world.

Think about this.
You are lucky, appreciate.


Capernaum is a 2018 Lebanese drama film directed by Nadine Labaki and produced by Khaled Mouzanar.

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