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  • Six Basic Bodyweight Exercises

    Are you new to the Fitness Soul? Are ready to start your fitness journey? Do you want to refresh your skills? Join Leszek and 3 Fitness Soul members for this 6 video tutorial of the basic bodyweight exercises. Did you enjoy that? Try also our Free 28 Days Challenge

  • Monday’s Update

    Monday update! We answer your questions (from The Suggestions Box) Links: POWER & LIPSTICK…/ Basic Triathlon Day FITNESS SOUL WEEKEND AWAY  

  • It Takes Courage To Turn Up To A Fitness Class

    Spring is here! In Scotland, that means it starts raining instead of snowing. Snowdrops, wild garlic, those multicoloured jobs that I think are crocuses but possibly they are frangipani… I’m no David Attenborough. They are nice anyway.   Spring is all about rebirth, wee green shoots sneakily weaving their merry way through the winter pandemonium.…

  • Upside down! Fitness Soul TV #13

    Is Samra a Batwoman? * Do you want to learn or try new things? Ask us about PT options:
  • Q&A Sunday 4th March 2018

    We have talked about: Power plus Lipstick Event Fitness Soul Weekend Away New Bootcamp starts soon New classes! Watch full video:

  • Power & Lipstick – Empowering Talks & Sessions

    Create badass habits & get inspired by new ideas! Join us for the morning and afternoon to Celebrate Women!  Energizing Classes, Inspiration Talks, Coffee, Tea & Snacks Proceeds go towards the wonderful work done by Edinburgh Women's Aid - supporting the right to live without fear or violence. Book Now WHEN SUNDAY, 6th of May…
  • …..but I don’t want to get, you know, huge!”

      Fitness Soul is a rare beast. This is true for many reasons, but one is the disproportionate numbers of women.   Strong, fit, healthy, wonderful women in every shape, size and colour. (That’s the marketing for the year done – form an orderly queue new male members…) The one thing they have in common…

  • What Are You Here For?

    As coaches, we always ask our clients to outline their goals to us, so that we can tailor our programmes to their needs. Or realign their goals together if they are unreasonable or unspecific.     But I was looking at some dolphins the other day. A friend had been watching them and taken some…

  • Up for a challenge?

  • Look! Callum’s steaming!

    If we were out on Rose street at midnight on a Friday, this would be akin to a mating call. However, it isn’t, it’s not, it wasn’t but who knows, the last part might be true.   It’s 7.10 on a Wednesday morning, and the bootcampees have just made it through the toughest workout yet.…