Booiaka at Fitness Soul Studio!

I forgot how much I missed Booiaka! It was so much fun to dance with you. I couldn’t wish for a better crew. You guys are simply amazing! Bring on the next week! I am also waiting for those who are joining this block but couldn’t make tonight! x J

Pierwszy Klub Fitness w Edynburgu i Szkocji

Hej! Właśnie znalazłeś pierwszy klub fitness w Edynburgu i Szkocji! Fitness Soul został założony w 2008 roku przez Asię i Leszka, by szerzyć fitness i zdrowy tryb życia wśród mieszkańców Edynburga. Dołącz do nas! Pomożemy Ci zrzucić zbędne kilogramy, zbudować mięśnie i przyjrzymy się również twojej diecie.Prowadzimy zajęcia grupowe takie Read more…

10×10 Kettlebell Challenge

Perform 100 reps as quickly as possible with the best technique. Record you time. 10×10 Kettlebell Challenge 10x Kettlebell Squat 10x Burpee 10x KB Sit Up 10x Left arm KB Press 10x Right arm KB Press 10x Kettlebell Squat 10x Left Arm KB Row 10x Right Arm KB Row 10x Read more…

Shoulder fix

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My warm up routine before kettlebell and tacfit training and also personal training. I have done this video for my friend who suffers from really tight and painful shoulder. Those exercises will help to prepare and warm up for any training and also will release all the tension in shoulders. Read more…

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New bootcamp

starts soon!

Using a tried & tested combination of high metabolic bodyweight and basic weighted exercises and a healthy, easy to follow eating guide, you can finally achieve the body shape you want and feel great. If you’re not happy with your results after 30 days, you can have your money back!