The Spring is Coming!

Well, thank heck that’s over! As January the 933rd finally clicks into February 1st, we can all breath a sigh of relief. At Bootcamp HQ, that really was what the weather forecasters describe as “the harshest on record for quite some time”. It’s a funny old month, January. It starts out with such promise – […]

…..but I don’t want to get, you know, huge!”

  Fitness Soul is a rare beast. This is true for many reasons, but one is the disproportionate numbers of women.   Strong, fit, healthy, wonderful women in every shape, size and colour. (That’s the marketing for the year done – form an orderly queue new male members…) The one thing they have in common […]

What Are You Here For?

As coaches, we always ask our clients to outline their goals to us, so that we can tailor our programmes to their needs. Or realign their goals together if they are unreasonable or unspecific.     But I was looking at some dolphins the other day. A friend had been watching them and taken some […]

Look! Callum’s steaming!

If we were out on Rose street at midnight on a Friday, this would be akin to a mating call. However, it isn’t, it’s not, it wasn’t but who knows, the last part might be true.   It’s 7.10 on a Wednesday morning, and the bootcampees have just made it through the toughest workout yet. […]

In Defence of The Burpee

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Language is a funny old thing.   “Station 5 – Burpees!” groans. Recently, on one of our Facebook threads (brilliantly communal Fitness Soul is – you should try it!) one lovely person was saying, mostly in jest “You always make us do burpees”. No. We don’t. Ever. I don’t know any coach who has […]

Fall In Love With The Process

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So on Friday another happy batch of Fitness Soul Bootcampers are released back into the wild, whilst I watch on proudly from afar and wipe a tear from my grizzled eye.   There’s a lot I love about the bootcamps – the people, the “safe space” to be playful and creative in the workouts and […]