#coronaleaveworkout no 8!

corona leave

Equipment ➡️ TOILET ROLL??, in fact, have 3 rolls ready *If possible* ? Format ➡️ 20s ON 10s OFF ️One round has 4 exercises – do 8 rounds: ?️Low Squats?️Pass The Roll?️One Leg Squats (alternate legs each round)?️Legs Lifts

Coronaleave Workout no 7

coronaleave workout no 7

8 rounds, 20s on, 10s off. Twerk Pump Bunny Hops Cossack Squat Twerk Burpees With Coronavirus set to dominate the next few months, the founders of Fitness Soul studio in Leith, Joanna Weintritt and Leszek Stelmachowski are sharing free daily #CoronaLeave workouts. Whether you’re self-isolating or social distancing, they’re bringing the people of Edinburgh the […]

#coronaleaveworkout no 5

coronaleave workout

Format: 30s On 10s Off Jump SquatsDiamond Sit-upsBurpeesTable Tops Go as fast as you can with good technique. Do 8 rounds. To easily do your intervals, download interval timer app from your app store. Set up 32 x 30s work, 10 Off Let us know how many burpees you can do in 30s