The BEST DIET ever alert!

You will feel energized, stronger, fitter and your body will go to its natural shape. Combining it with daily movement will make you a BADASS!     The best diet you can have is eating real food! I don’t believe in magic pills and shakes! They are money-making scams. Your body needs food. Actual food […]

Raw Plant-Based Chocolate

Plant Based Sweet Treats Ideas

This is something for all chocolate lovers.If you haven’t made your chocolate at home, have a go. It’s super simple, and at least you know what goes in it. This is how I make mine: heat up about 1 cup of coconut oil in the pot, once melted I added cocoa powder – somewhere between […]

Tropical Smoothie Jar

Green Breakfast Idea

This is super quick green breakfast idea. Tropical Smoothie Jar. You need a blender or food processor to make it.

Courgette & Apple Bircher Musli – Overnight Oats

Breakfast Idea- Oats

Want to squeeze more greens into your day? Do you like oats for breakfast? Start with the breakfast. Here is overnight oats recipe with a twist! We have subsituted half of the oats with courgette. The reults was crunchy and delcioius.

How to Make Delicious Smoothie

Check out new iconographic: How to Make Delicious Smoothie Smoothies are quick to make, packed with nutrients and you can get creative! Let us know what’s your favourite combination.   Why consuming smoothies on regular basis is good for us? Here are a few of our reasons. Quick and easy You will add more nutrients […]

Sweet Potato Spaghetti with Sundried Basil Tomato Pesto

Sweet Potato Spaghetti with Sundried Basil Tomato Pesto . That was a very tasty experiment where I manage to destroy brand new spiralizer ;-). When buying spiralizer make sure it’s a good quality. Enjoy ­čÖé Ingredients ( 3 portions): 1 large sweet potato 1 jar Sundried Tomatos (or 140g) 2 branches of fresh basil 2 […]