How to Master Kettlebell Swing

Do you know how to correctly swing a kettlebell? Live video ”How to Master Kettlebell Swing” from Free Kettlebell Workshop at Fitness Soul. What to learn more? Get in touch!   Check out our new program: 12 weeks Kettlebell Mastery. Kettlebells – Strength & Cardio


Squat – https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=6s Lunge – https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=57s Plank – https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=1m42s Push Up- https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=2m34s Table Top – https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=3m31s Up & Down – https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=4m44s Sit Up – https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=5m55s Hollow Body Hold – https://youtu.be/h2-XOrXvLUM?t=6m38s

Shoulder fix

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My warm up routine before kettlebell and tacfit training and also personal training. I have done this video for my friend who suffers from really tight and painful shoulder. Those exercises will help to prepare and warm up for any training and also will release all the tension in shoulders. Read more…