Best stretch after triathlon, running, swimming or biking

My favourite stretch after the cycling, running and kettlebell workouts. Great for opening your hips, hip flexors, quads and all those tight muscles. I’ve learned it from K. STARRETT from Mobility WOD. Enjoy the pain! :) #triathlon #stretching #mobility

How Do I Trick Myself Into Doing Things I Want?

There are two sides of me; the lazy, ” I cannot be bother” one, and an active, always searching one. Those two are in a constant supremacy battle. Being lazy is easy, it’s default. I don’t have to do anything. But it’s boring and I think that the life is too short to procrastinate. I […]

Don’t be afraid of the pegboard #1

The negative pull-up is a progression exercise for developing strength for the full pull-up. Perform 5 reps and aim for 15 sec of each rep. Do it often and you will be going up and down the pegboard in no time!

How to Master Kettlebell Swing

Do you know how to correctly swing a kettlebell? Live video ”How to Master Kettlebell Swing” from Free Kettlebell Workshop at Fitness Soul. What to learn more? Get in touch!   Check out our new program: 12 weeks Kettlebell Mastery. Kettlebells – Strength & Cardio