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Changes: Introducing a new, user-friendly booking system and a new app.


Our previous booking system and app were not very user-friendly, and we knew that a lot of you had problems with them. 

So before New Year, we have decided to take a plunge and change our provider to make booking the classes, buying memberships and create profiles as easy as possible for you.

Welcome to the Glofox! Check out brand new Timetable and Prices page.

Also Download our new Glofox Mobile app:

In January, both systems: OLD – Mindbody and NEW – Glofox, will be functional.

Then, we will start moving all the accounts to the new system, so from early February 2020, the old app will stop working.

Until then:

If you are on the old monthly membership, use the OLD app (mindbody) or timetable to book in for classes.

If you are about to buy a new membership, block of classes or drop-in, use the new system (glofox)

Let us know if you have any question!

Happy New YEAR!

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