Cold Water Swimming in Edinburgh

We regularly meet to cold water swim and dip in balmy waters of the North Sea. Join us for the Next Fitness Soul Cold Water Swimming Experience.

Cold Water Swimming in Edinburgh

Instead of complaining that it is cold, we embrace it, head first.

Instead of complaining that we feel depressed, we skinny swim with the fish.

Instead of seeking comfort, we look for adventure.

Call us: happy, crazy, odd, nuts, positive, weird.

You are right!

There is an old polish song, by Dzem, one of my favourite bands, it goes like this: ”in life, the only beautiful things are moments.”

Many years ago I thought that you can only sit and wait patiently. That’s it is not up to you. And if you are lucky, you will get your moment of joy, happiness, freedom. It will be a brief moment, and it will come and go, as it pleased.

Now I believe that you don’t have to wait. You can create those moments, you can nourish them, help them grow. You can meet them in the middle.

The right environment plays a huge role here. I have never experienced this magic when scrolling down my Instagram feed or when arguing, or when angry, or bored. Being in nature helps. Being with your friends helps. Pushing the limits helps. Doing things you love, helps. Being in the moment helps.

Recently I have discovered that cold, dark, freezing water of the North Sea has magical qualities. It is a gate to clear mind and beautiful soul. I am here, at this moment, right now, nothing else is important, nothing else matters. I am one with the sea, with the others, with the world. It is powerful. It works every time. It’s only 5 min drive.

Cold Water Swimming in Edinburgh

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