Combat Conditioning in Edinburgh – few words from the coach, Rannoch Donald.


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Get fighting fit without getting hit… Combat Conditioning in Edinburgh.

I just wanted to take a moment let you know what our Combat Conditioning Class at Edinburgh’s Fitness Soul consists of and why you should come along. It’s time to unleash your inner ROCKY! (full details of classes and timetable on the Fitness Soul website)
It long been recognized that boxers, fighters and those involved in combat sports are among the fittest, leanest, best conditioned athletes in the world. Fighters need to arrive in the ring as close to 100% fit and healthy as possible. Let’s face it, this is one of the few activities where getting hurt is part of the game. So, we need to train in a way that is challenging, varied, sustainable and safe.
Fitness Soul’s non-contact Combat Conditioning sessions consists of mobility, a dynamic warm up, skipping, strength & general conditioning drills which include SANDBAGS, BANDS and BODY WEIGHT TRAINING, followed by a few rounds of shadow boxing. As the class develops participants will hone their skills and we introduce some padwork drills. Let’s face it, everyone likes hitting things.
Whilst we are not coaching boxing or combat, we will make sure you learn basic combinations with good form.
This class is open to all levels with something here for everyone. It is playful, fun and as challenging as you want to make it.
I can guarantee an excellent playlist for each session!

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