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Courgette & Apple Bircher Musli – Overnight Oats

Breakfast Idea- Oats

Courgette & Apple Bircher Muesli - Overnight Oats

This was an experiment which worked out really well and was tasty so sharing this with you. Want to squeeze more greens into your day? Do you like oats for breakfast? Start with the breakfast. Here is overnight oats recipe with a twist! We have subsituted half of the oats with courgette. The reults was  crunchy and delcioius.

Ingridients for two hungry people or 3 less hungry:

  • 1 glass (ish) of oats
  • 1 apple (chop)
  • Half courgette (choped or grated)
  • Handful of raisins
  • handfull of nuts

Mix all except nuts and pour water to cover all.

In a separate cup soak mix of nuts overnight. Pour the water away in the morning. And add to the mix. This is to make the nuts more nutritious. .

This is a plant based version which is really tasty. You can also add couple of spoons of yoghurt and honey and also add other stuff like fresh fruits.

Next time I am going to put the whole courgette and less oats to see if that works. If you have any other variations pls share them with us. 

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