Courgette Linguine Recipe


Here is my Courgette Linguine Recipe with Tomatao Brazil Nut Sauce.

courgette linguine

I have heard about it a lot for the last past month and I finally made it! It’s my new favouirte food.  I was thining to get the spirilizer, then Roz gave me little tip to try to use potato peeler. It worked! Thanks Roz :-).

I will not give you exact recipe as I didn’t messure and I don’t think  it could go wrong :-). If you see +/-  symbol it means experiment! Add less more, feel it and taste it.

Recipe for two:

2 large courgettes

1 onion

4 cloves of garlic

6 spoons (+/-) or tomato puree

3 tomatoes

1 mushroom

8 (+/-)  brazil nuts

Fresh parsely

Pinch of few of Peeper, Salt, Thyme and Organo


Use the poatato peeler to create linguine. One tha pan fry garlic on the coconut oil. Add lingunine and heat it up just to make it warm so it dosn’t losse the nutrients.

In the blener mix tomato puree, tomatoes, brazil nuts. Transfer them into the pot and heat the sauce up. On the separate pan fry the onion. Once is carmelised add it to the tomato base. Do the same with the mushroom fry it seperatley and mix with the other ingridients.  Add all the spices. Serve with fresh parsely on the top.

Bon Appetite!

x Joanna


PS. Anyone has different way of making it? Please share. If you try this recipe let me know how it was. Would love to hear from you.

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