The Dark Side of the Fitness Industry – This Madness Need To Stop!


I am not going to lie.
It is not a quick fix.

So if you are after six weeks of amazing full-body transformation to get your bikini body, whatever it is, save yourself time and scroll away.

I am not a magician; I cannot make your weight go…

and if you find someone who can promise you that, go and sign up with them.
We best learn from our own mistakes.

After 6 weeks of insane workouts which you cannot keep up with and a crazy restrictive diet which leaves you tired and hungry all the time, only when you eventually learn that this quick-fix approach is not suitable for the long term, please come back.

I will show you a slower but better way.

Instead of forcing yourself to eat broccoli and rice from plastic boxes daily, you will learn how to create balanced meals to fuel your lifestyle and enhance fat loss and muscle development.
Instead of killing yourself during hardcore cardio workouts, you will learn how to lift heavy objects to strengthen, build muscles and feel amazing.
You will also learn how to recover after the workouts, keep yourself motivated for months and years, and find new challenges to keep you on track.
There is no secret souce in this approch.
It has been tried and tested by me and the thousands of other coaches passionate about other people’s well-being and who are not driven but a quick buck.

So why, if this is so effective, I didn’t hear about this approach before?
It is the world of quick fixes, magic pills, sexualised photos and a 5-second attention span, and the good stuff is buried under a pile of bullshit.
But it’s okay.

The truth will come up eventually.

The fitness cowboys and transformations gurus will become obsolete as people start seeing through their smoke and mirrors.
Like snake oil paddlers, they will be forced to run away, chased by an angry crowd.
And you know what the best thing is?

You have all the knowledge you need to get fit and healthy.
You can do it yourself or use me as your guide.
With some help, you will reach your goals faster and easier. 

Let’s get started!


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