How Do I Trick Myself Into Doing Things I Want?

Doing Things I Want?
There are two sides of me; the lazy, ” I cannot be bother” one, and an active, always searching one.
Those two are in a constant supremacy battle.
Being lazy is easy, it’s default. I don’t have to do anything.
But it’s boring and I think that the life is too short to procrastinate. I want to see, do and experience things. That makes me feel alive.
Doing things, on the other hand, requires energy. And my body and my brain always try to save the energy.
So I have to trick it. It’s relatively simple process, and it always works.Let say I want to go swimming.I know it’s good for me; I will relax, I will move my body, I will feel fantastic, and it will take me one step closer to my goal, swimming 2.4mile under 1h.
Yet my Lazy Side’s first reaction is always “Really?! Why don’t you just relax, sit down, have a beer and watch Netflix? You can swim tomorrow.”A good argument indeed but I decide to ignore it. I grab my prepacked swim bag and jump into the car. Very often the Lazy Voice is gone by now, and the “going to the swimming pool” loop takes over.If the voice is still there I persuade it that I will only drive to the pool and I will take a shower and if I still don’t feel like swimming I won’t.

It has never happened yet…

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