Donna Giffen | Fitness Soul Podcast #7


Donna Giffen – Edinburgh based Zumba® Education Specialists

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Scottish born Donna Giffen worked in musical theatre & TV for 13 years as an actor, singer, dancer and acrobat in the UK and US.

During a spell performing in Los Angeles she discovered Zumba Fitness, was instantly hooked and has never looked back. Donna joined the Zumba® Education Team in 2009 and has been very fortunate to travel the world representing the Zumba® brand as an Education Specialist and Presenter for various events including Conventions, Fitness Concerts, STV Live & Online, TV3 Ireland, This Morning, Zumba® Fitness Instructional DVDs.

Donna is also owner at The Soul Works, a company who’s mission is to inspire people to live their highest vision through which you will find goodness at The Soul Barn & Soul Jars®, as well as Life Coaching, Private/Group Meditation, Reiki, Empowerment Workshops & more.

Show notes:

Donna on Facebook

The Soul Works

Upp Life

“The Power of Your Spoken Word” by Louise L Hay
Louise Hay website for more: (great for affirmations)

Dr David R. Hamilton (many great books):

Other: Jack Canfield ( & Bob Proctor ( are both great speakers & authors.
They each delivered a session at a convention in Canada, the audios for which are very powerful and I listen to a lot.

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