12 Tips To Ease Back Into The Teaching Dance-Fitness Classes After The Break


Tonight it was my first class back after being off for a week. I had an emergency tooth problem which had to be dealt with quickly. The treatment left me in pain, with no energy, and half of the face badly swollen. I looked like I had swallowed a tennis ball. What worse, I could not exercise for whole seven days!
So before my first class back, I felt slightly concerned.
You know this feeling, don’t you?
I didn’t know how my body would react. Will I be able to provide the same experience to my class participants? Will I be able to push them as hard as usual?

After all, I did well. The class was fantastic. It left me buzzing for the rest of the evening. I was lucky it was only a short break. But sometimes we have to deal with a longer absence, due to injury, maternity leave or laziness during the holidays.

When clients can take a couple of days to ease back into the exercise routine, we have to jump in the deep end.

But there are ways make a comeback slightly easier.

Here are my tips:

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1. Choose workouts/songs/choreos your class knows well
2. Bring the old favorites
3. Have few breaks while your class is working out
4. Have your regulars in the first row so they can help you
5. If you are struggling, take a couple of participants on the stage. Let them rock 🙂
6. Have few breaks while your class is working out but only leave your class on their own when you are confident they know what they are doing
7. Take opportunity to show modifications of the harder moves
8. Step back and coach
9. Walk around and encourage the class
10. Go on the side of the stage and perform the same steps but smaller
11. Walk around to correct the technique
12. Take care of yourself after the class: stretch and fuel your body



PS. Do you have any other strategies? Let me know!

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