What’s Wrong With Regular Diets? Eat Green Challenge


Eat Green Challenge

The biggest mistake people do when they want to change their eating habits is making the process too complicated. They want to change it all at once, throw out the “bad foods” and stock up with “good ones.”

It doesn’t work.
I’ve seen this time and time again.

You will last five days, two weeks, or one month (if you are determined) and then you will slip, and you will start eating everything, feeling even worse.

Our approach is different. 
We only ask you to add some greens to your food.
Cannot commit to eating greens with every meal? Fine, try to add them to one meal a day.

Eat Greens Challenge is created to help you with your food choices, to give you inspiration and meals ideas and to support you on your journey to a fitter, happier you.

And it’s completely free!
What’s not to like?

Jump on board and let’s eat those greens like a champ!

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