Join our #EatGreensChallenge

It’s open for everyone around the world. It’s not a fad diet; there is no meal plans or rules; we are not going to sell you any products or magic pills. In fact, we don’t do and believe in this kind of stuff. You can still have your favourite food and drinks. It’s about real food and simply adding some nourishing greens into your day to feel better :-). That’s all.

X Joanna

What to do?


1. Add greens to every meal. If that’s too much for you, try adding greens to one of your meals.

2. Start with seven days challenge, extend for another seven days to make 14 days, and if it feels good to go for a one month!

3. Share pictures with us! @fitnesssoul.co.uk #eatgreenschallenge

4. Challenge your friends to do it :-).

5. Don’t forget to ENJOY it
6. We created a group where we can exchange the recipes and share ideas! You can join it here:

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