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Edinburgh Fitness Studio keeps Triathletes in Mind



Do you live in Edinburgh? YES!

Are you a triathlete? YES!

Do you do strength training?


No? Why not?


Let me guess; you are a member of one of those big triathlon clubs:  Edinburgh#3 Triathlon, Pentlands Triathletes, ERC or Edinburgh University Triathlon Club. 

And while those clubs are great for swimming, cycling and running training, they all missing the strength aspect of the sport. (Edinburgh Triathletes has just added strength & conditioning class to their timetable!)


It’s a shame because the research shows that the strength training can help you become a better triathlete!


This is where Fitness Soul comes in. We believe that the well-structured strength training can help you become better, faster and stronger. Also, you will keep those injuries away!

We are the only gym in Edinburgh, maybe even in Scotland, run by the active triathletes. Our head coach, Leszek, is three times Ironman Finisher and Ironman Coach. His wife Joanna has just completed her first full distance, in Italy. Richard, who runs morning bootcamp class has finished a couple of long-distance triathlons, with a double Brutal and Celtman under his belt.

Our members aren’t slackers either. Recently Barbara and Dave have become Ironmans, and Alex with Lucy have completed their first triathlon.


So what can we offer?

We offer various weekly classes to work on strength, mobility and general conditioning.

You can choose from Strong Club, Core and Kettlebells. 

If you are a member of the triathlon club, you will get a 30% discount.



Get in touch, write us an email or book in a free appointment with Leszek and become as strong as a bull!


Short thank you after the first class:

Why strength training?

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