Fat vs ultrafit. Is there another way?

If you were to judge from the social media posts, most fitness influencers and gyms focus on looks; chiselled abs, big bums, and half-naked bodies fuel by meal replacement shakes, calories counting regiments and unsustainable diets, which all lead to body dysphoria and hormonal imbalances.
On the opposite side, hard efforts are made to, in the name of body positivity and fat acceptance movements, normalize obesity which, according to WHO, ‘’has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese.’’
Why are those messages so polarised and contradicting.
Why hardly anyone promotes a healthy balanced approach.
It is very simple.
The balance is boring and does not sell well.
I totally disagree.
I believe that there is another, better way. I want to feel good in my body, and the sixpack isn’t a priority. I want to be strong and healthy to play football with my grandkids, climb with friends, or sprint to the bus when I have to.
I achieve my goals through a holistic approach by blending various activities, learning and implementing proper eating habits, relaxation and mindfulness.
If you like that approach and want to break out of the toxic gym environment, join me, join Fitness Soul.
Together will finally regain the joy of movement and fit, not for 6 o 12 weeks but for life.

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