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Fighting Fit Camp


Weigh in on day one, follow our guidelines for eating and training and drop 10lbs before Christmas!

  • Non-contact!
  • Open to all levels
  • Fun varied sessions with a focus on strength, endurance and conditioning, pads and heavy bag.
  • Guaranteed results
  • Cut weight like a Pro
  • Learn to Jump Rope, fighter style
  • Build strength and speed
  • Train with sandbags and medicine balls
  • Hone your skills with a shadow boxing
  • Work with the speedball and heavy bag
  • 6 weeks program
  • Nutrition guidelines provided
  • Home training program provided
  • Build stamina and burn calories



31st October, 3 classes per week

  • Monday 6:45am -7:30am
  • Wednesday 6:45am -7:30am
  • Friday 6:45am -7:30am



Super Early Birds – Before 10th October

  • £119 – Including gloves and wraps (worth £26)
  • £115 – I have my own gloves and wraps

Early Birds – Before 20th October

  • £129 – Including gloves and wraps (worth £26)
  • £125 – I have my own gloves and wraps

Regular Price

  • £149 – including gloves and wraps (worth £26)
  • £135 – I have my own gloves and wraps

Sign up today! CLICK HERE

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