Fighting with depression. Inspirational story.


We are sharing this inspirational story by our Fitness Soul superstar instructor Rozanne Jean Berry Collins.

Might be worth sharing with a friend who is fighting with depression.

“It’s mental health awareness at jungle body HQ at the minute, and in that spirit, I thought I’d share with you my own battle with depression and how exercise plays a massive part in keeping me sane.

Since a teenager, I’ve had depression – with massive highs and terrible lows… I even ended up in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction to antidepressants. Depression runs in my family. My mother was bipolar, my grandmother was on long term medication for depression and my grandfather too. I also know a lot of people who battle with this illness daily.

For me, I didn’t want medication long term and started looking at other ways to keep me sane and get through the lows. That’s when I discovered exercise and then down the line Zumba and then Konga. I found dancing and working out help release all the negative emotions and switched my brain off from all the negative thoughts and for that 45mins/hour, it was just me and my body, nothing else. The endorphin high after helped push those negative thoughts and emotions even further away and helped them stay away for a few days.

Win! The more I went the better I felt, and along with that I made new friends – another bonus.

Fast forward 4 years (almost) and I’m now passing that great feeling onto all my class participants. I love teaching and I love watching my classes faces – the big grins when you are really enjoying a track is priceless and all that positive energy and joy when your favourite song comes on, makes me so happy.
Thank you all for being part of my tribe and coming back week after week.
Big love to you all.”


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