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Fitmamas Effect

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class for mums in edinburgh

Anna used to be fit.

She enjoyed running and regular fitness classes at the local gym. And then she got pregnant.

And while she was an amazing, carrying mother, she had no time to take care of herself. She had what she loved to do.
She could not attend morning bootcamps, as she was exhausted after the sleepless nights. She could not join evening classes, as this was bedtime for her baby.
She was putting on weight, felt constantly sluggish and was lacking the energy she uses to be known for.

And then, when she almost gave up, her friend has introduced her to Fitmamas class in Edinburgh!

What a life charger it was!

Now she exercise 3 times a week, eats healthy and she is back to her optimal weight. Fitmamas classes are challenging but not impossible and they focus on her needs. She can bring her baby so she saves £££ on baby-sitter.

Smiling, full of energy and joy, the old Anna is back!

Recently, Anna has signed up for a local 10km with other mums, and she is also planning to get back to triathlons she used to love.

Join Anna and become a super mum too!

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