FITMAMAS Kick Start Camp

FitMamas Kick Start Camp is strengthening program for mums. No childcare needed, bring your child to the gym or do it via livestream!

Fitmamas program is about being the best version of yourself. Our Fitmamas Kick Start Camp is the perfect starting program for a new mum or a mum who needs the extra support. You can either choose form GROUP SESSIONS or PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS.

We will focus to achieve your goals. No matter if it’s losing those extra pounds gained during pregnancy, improving core strength, toning up, getting stronger or just feeling good and getting consistent with new healthy habits. Our goal is to help you to get back on track and fall in love with fitness.

You will be working closely with a Post Natal Level 3 coach. We will meet you before the start for initial assessment and to learn more about you, your post pregnancy body and your goals.

You will get:

  • 3 FITMAMAS sessions weekly
  • Access to prerecorded classes
  • Evening, lunchtime & Weekend classes
  • One to One meeting with Post Natal Level 3 Trainer arrange here
  • Progress tracker before and after
  • Homeworks to introduce healthier eating habits
  • Healthy Eating Guidance
  • Healthy Food Booklet
  • Postnatal Core Strengthening
  • 24h access to the private online group
  • Optional PT sessions 

What else?

  • You will have more energy
  • You will loss few inches
  • You will get stronger
  • You fell happier 
  • You will be healthier
  • Your skin will improve
  • You will have a company of like minded people
  • You will increase your muscle mass
  • Pain free lower back
  • Your will have more energy for your family



1. 4 weeks   £99  BUY HERE 

2. 3 months £229 BUY HERE 

3. 6 months £429 BUY HERE 




starts from £55 per week 


The program contains low impact but high-intensity exercise and is not suitable for women with hernia or prolapse without the doctor approval.

To start exercising wait at least 6 weeks after natural childbirth and 10 weeks after C-section. You will need to have OK from your doctor to join Fitmamas program.


After purchasing the package, please book a consultation.