FitMamas Taster November


Join us for FITMAMAS tasters sessions this November:11987202_10153626581128384_93439214008842933_n

We will run taster session on following dates:

22nd NOV, Tuesday at 10.15am
23rd NOV, Wednesday at 10.15am
24th NOV, Thursday at 10.15am

FitMamas is a morning baby friendly exercise program for mums.
We will help you to lose those extra pounds gained during pregnancy, tone up and get stronger.

Fitmamas program is about being the best version of yourself. We will focus to lose those extra pounds gained during pregnancy, tone up, get stronger and feel good. Before the block we will measure you to see where you are (weight, body fat, metabolic age, muscle mass, etc. ) we will repeat the measurements monthly. You will receive a healthy food list and healthy eating plan which would help you to achieve your goals. Moreover, you will have our full support from our Fitness Soul Personal Training Edinburgh Team.

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Price for taster class: £7
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Want to try a week of classes? Take advantage of our Unlimited 7 Days Pass (only for new customers for £19




Fit Mamas is a great exercise programme. I love the fact I can take baby & toddler and have a proper workout during the day. The classes are challenging but also very rewarding. The classes are so varied so if you are not so keen on some of the exercises you know you won’t be doing them the next day. The mamas are all very friendly and welcoming. Would recommend to anyone no matter fitness level and wish there had been such a class when I had my first baby.” JUDY

People say once you have had a baby it is important to join groups and get out and do things. So what better thing to do than attend a class that benefits you and your baby. Fitmamas is by far the best thing I have done whilst on maternity leave. It has been great enjoying the health benefits of doing the varied and challenging workouts set for us by the inspiring and talented Joanna and Leszek. It has also been the best way to meet likeminded mums. It doesn’t matter if it is your first class or fiftieth everyone is so welcoming and friendly and always on hand to offer support and advice for any of the worries being a new mother can bring. Another reason I love it so much is that you can enjoy doing something for yourself without the guilt that your child is bored or unstimulated. The babies have grown together from sitting in a bouncy chair at the side watching the action to crawling a round stealing each other’s snacks and playing with each other’s toy, just like a babies and toddlers playgroup. Also there is no need to worry if your baby is having ‘one of those days’ no one is judging and there are so many welcoming pairs of arms to hold your little one while you make the most of your workout. It really is one big happy fitness family. Thank you Fitness Soul” Sheona

I’ve just recently joined fitmamas and I can honestly say it’s amazing. You feel very welcome. Classes are hard work but fun and you leave feeling energised. Great to see other mums who are further down the fitness road than you are so you can see the results. I would recommend this class to all mums, great way to meet new mums and get fit and strong.” Solveig

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