We Help Mums To Lose Baby Weight And Feel More Energy

Fitmamas training is tough and never gets boring or repetitive. The program is about regaining the core strength, toning up, geting stronger, meeting other mums and feeling good. We mix different protocols and give you opportunity to try new things. Session by session you will become stronger and more energised.

We have different options for different stages and levels. Once you are ready, we will push you to your limits to help you to achieve your goals.

Fitmamas Program is about being the best version of yourself.

We will focus to achieve your goals, no matter if it's 

Once you join the program, you will be screened by Qualified Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Coach, and we will apply modifications if needed. Simply we want to make sure your core muscles, including pelvic floor are healthy, and they recovered before moving to the next level.

Main Key Features About Postnatal Fitmamas Class

Small Group or Personal Training

We run Fitmamas as 1 to 1 or small group training, so you get the best out of the sessions. Small group means our coach can fully focus on you.

Hard Work

Fitmamas is tough and never gets boring or repetitive. We mix different protocols and give you opportunity to try new things. Class by class you will become stronger and more badass mum.

Amazing results - New Mums

It’s about more than weight loss or post-natal fitness; it’s a community and a healthier way of life (mental and physical). FitMamas always have each others back.

Fun and Health

Focuses to lose those extra pounds gained during pregnancy, regain the core strength, tone up, get stronger and feel good.

Fitmamas Testimonials

“Such a great motivational class and ideal that children are welcome and included..which is unique…great time as well”

Elaine Scott

“Amazing range of fun classes and lovely approachable instructors who all genuinely want to do all they can to help you reach your fitness goals.”

Jessica Chatters

“I like that it’s an exercise class you can take the kids to, that gives you a proper workout!! I’ve found other mum and child classes I’ve been to in the past to be more of a social experience rather than a physical one but fitmamas does both, there is a real community to it.”

Maria B

“I love that not only do you get a really good work out that varies from day-to-day but you can also take your kids along – they can even get involved if they want to!! My eldest does a mean plank and my youngest is definitely challenging me with squats!!”

Claire Thomson


  • Personalised Training
  • 1on 1 or Small Group
  • Measurements before & after (optional)
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Goal Setting 
  • Nutrition & Mindset Coaching

  • Child friendly (babies, toddlers and older kids are welcome)
  • Kids are welcome to play, watch cartoons or be next to you. We will modify the workout if your child needs to be on your hands.
  • There is lots of buggy space inside
  • Free car park outside the studio
  • The sessions are 45 minutes
  • Dress ready for a workout
  • Bring Water with you
  • Address: Fitness Soul, 34 Tennant Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 5NA

Click here to see when the next small group training starts. Only 4 spots.

If those times don’t suit you and you have a group of friends you want to train with, get in touch!



Small-Group training for 6 weeks of training- £145 pp – 1 session weekly (6 sessions)

One to One training –  from £55 weekly.