Fitness in Lockdown


Let’s face it. The year 2020 was a (shit) disappointment.

Gigs – cancelled, holidays – postponed, races – postponed, businesses – struggled, toilet paper – all gone! 

We all had high hopes for 2021. We thought that it would be back to normal. Well, it’s not. And the future doesn’t look that promising.
So what can we do? We have two options,
either keep complaining and moaning, which will make us even more sad and depress, or find a way.

Here at Fitness Soul, we don’t give up. We know that our service is vital for many people, and we refuse to stop. When we could not teach indoors anymore, we went to the car park, and we dance in the rain and snow.
When we could not teach face to face classes anymore, we went online.

In the first episode of this Fitness In Lockdown series, we meet Richard, and his 6:30 am Bootcamp crew.

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