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Fitness In The City


If the exercise could be served as a pill, or even better, in the form of vaccination, everyone would take a shot.

There would be no deniers, nay-sayers, no doubters. With 100% proven efficiency, no side effects and easy access, the exercise would be a truly magical pill.

It positively affects every organ and every cell in your body, as well as the mind and the spirit. It makes you a better human, more robust, more resilient.

Too bad, you cannot buy it, you have to earn it. The cost is sweat, elevated heart rate and heavy breathing.
One application is not enough, it is a life long commitment, it is a lifestyle choice.

Those who know, do the work, all over the country, in the back street industrial units, or in big glamorous gyms, solo, and in groups. They show up every day, rain or shine, to sweat, to smile, to puff, to laugh.

And you, what are you going to do: wait for the magic pill or take the matter in your hands.

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