Fitness Soul Racing TEAM is a friendly group of athletes who like to push themselves and take part in all kind of races and challenges.

If you are enjoying running, swimming, biking or adventure racing,  Fitness Soul Racing is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you a complete beginner looking to take part in her first 5km run or a seasoned competitor, who wants to beat his Ironman or Deerstalker PB.

We provide experience, knowledge, and inclusive atmosphere, so you can train smarter and meet like-minded people.

How to become a Fitness Soul Racing Team Member?

  1. Join the Fitness Soul
  2. Be fun to be with

What we offer:

  1. The Team Kit
  2. Regular Running Classes
  3. Regular Strength Classes
  4. Indoor Cycling and FTP Testing
  5. Outdoor swimming
  6. Triathlon Coaching
  7. Swimming Coaching
  8. Running Coaching
  9. Programming
  10. Discount for the Events 
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New bootcamp

starts soon!

Using a tried & tested combination of high metabolic bodyweight and basic weighted exercises and a healthy, easy to follow eating guide, you can finally achieve the body shape you want and feel great. If you’re not happy with your results after 30 days, you can have your money back!