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Fitness Soul Seals Challenge

Introducing Fitness Soul Seals, an adventure orientated division of Fitness Soul.

Who are Fitness Soul Seals?
A Fitness Soul Seal is a courageous individual who faces all his or her challenges, understanding that good things happen only outside the comfort zone.

FS Seals always look for a new way, a better way, and are on a mission for constant improvement of the body, the mind and the soul. Nothing is impossible for a FS Seal.

Who can become a Seal?

Everyone who can truly embrace the Fitness Soul motto: Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul.

There are challenges – you will get sweaty, you will get cold, you will laugh, you will get hungry and sore but it all will be worth it.

Upon registration, you will receive a challenge sheet with tasks. You will have four weeks for completion. You can do them alone or with the support of others.

After completing all the tasks, you will receive amazing Fitness Soul Seal T-shirt and bragging rights for life! 

Next challenge starts Monday 16th November.

There you go: Seals Challenge! This is how you sign up. It is £19, the t-shirt in included (only if you do all the challenges! 🙂 You will need to attend at least 3 Fitness Soul Classes (not included) Let me know if you have any questions !