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Polish born Fitness Instructor Joanna Weintritt has always been connected to fitness, dance & sport. From an early age, she was dancing, playing team sports, running, cycling, hill walking & training in gymnastics.
Her love & passion for movement & dance led her to the fitness industry. She is not only spreading her passion for exercise & a healthy, happy lifestyle on her regular classes, she is also regularly presenting at major conventions throughout the UK and she has delivered workshops in Poland, France, Indonesia, Singapore, India & Morocco.
Joanna is a director and Co-Founder of Fitness Soul and is one of the most popular group exercise instructors in Scotland. Moreover, she is a Booiaka Educational Master and she is responsible for training new instructors in Scotland, North England & Ireland.

Leszek Stelmachowski - Edinburgh based personal trainer.


Leszek Stelmachowski has earned the reputation as a seasoned Personal Trainer in Edinburgh’s fitness space. Growing up, his interest in fitness and sports piqued early on in his life. However, what further fueled his passion was his parents’ unwavering support.
Currently, Leszek is the Co-Founder of Fitness Soul along with his partner in love and business, Joanna. Together, they are 110% dedicated to helping people make all of their fitness goals a reality. Ultimately, he is on a mission to empower his clients to harness their infinite potential so they can pave the path to lasting success. Most recently, he has been working on launching the Fitness Soul Podcast. An Ironman Finisher at Barcelona in 2016, he is now training for the Ironman Triathlons.
Furthermore, Leszek holds an MSc in Physical Education and various other designations, including Ironman Certified Coach, Personal Trainer Level 3, IKFF Kettlebell Coach, British Weight Lifting Coach, and CrossFit L1 Coach. He is also an active member of the prestigious UKSCA (UK Strength & Conditioning Association).
When he isn’t training, Leszek Stelmachowski enjoys cycling, swimming, and running. He also loves painting, networking, and reading self-development books. Above all, he is a life lover and avid student of life.


I first became a Zumba Instructor in 2010 after attending classes with Joanna and have never looked back. I didn’t come from a fitness background, but have since gone on to pass my Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor course, as well as other dance fitness trainings to improve my skills and knowledge as a group exercise instructor. My favourite dance styles are Bollywood, Reggaeton and Merengue (to name a few!) but you will dance to lots of different rhythms in my classes. I teach Zumba because it not only keeps my body healthy, it’s good for the soul! Even after a bad day, as soon as that music kicks in and I start dancing with my amazing class I walk out feeling on top of the world! Outside of my Zumba bubble, I also work full time as an Events Manager and love spending my time with friends, family and exploring different parts of this beautiful world we live in!

Combat Conditioning in Edinburgh – few words from the coach, Rannoch Donald.


Rannoch Donald has a lifelong interest in Martial arts and combat sport with an emphasis on combat sport style conditioning, health, fitness and weight loss.
He is a IHP MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach and Certified Training For Warriors and Hatton Boxing Coach, employing on old school drills and skills, keeping it fun and engaging.

mental health awareness


 Hey hey… i’m Roz.. you’ll find me at Konga class shaking it and making you sweat! I also teach zumba, Pound and strong by zumba. I also do zumbini classes for your little ones. Come join me for heaps of fun and a great workout!



Im Sterenn and teach Konga, which is an easy to follow, high intensity fusion of boxing, cardio, dance and sculpting set to the best rythmes in the planet. I have not always been the sportive type, I even remember using every excuses possible to miss any PE class at school ( forgot my shoes, hurt my knees, got my period, I’m allergic to it…). It was crazy! But growing older and meeting Joanna and Leszek have open my heart to sport, and my love for it has now no end!!! I love it so much that I really feel sad and guilty if I can’t make it to the class, I even have to teach my wee one the concept of squaring and lifting ( his favourite time with mummy) !!!
I still have a long way to go to make it my only carrier. It this is hopefully the aim! Not only I have gain confidence and well being, I have also become an ambassador of spreading healthy habits around friends and family!!
One big thing i need to imperatively improve is my facial expressions when teaching a clas




Meet the Team February 23, 2016

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