FREE Zumba & Konga in The Park


The days are getting shorter it’s getting colder and we have less energy.


Hands up if you are up for fighting the cold and winter blues! It’s not going to get warmer in the next few months. We could cancel life and hibernate (is that even possible?) or we can face out the coldness; be more active, challenge ourselves, go out of the comfort zone and feel proud that we did it. Hence the idea to

workout in the park.

Join us this Sunday (25th of November) at 10 am for a FREE class in the park! Let’s make cold weather our motivation to move more! Zumba and Konga is fun we guarantee after 10 minutes you will be toasty! Each session will be about 20 minutes. Get ready for some funky moves and happy music. Choreographies are easy to follow and everyone is welcome to join us, as long you aren’t injured.

Please dress up warm, wear some layers (you will get warmer) and wear shoes which won’t slide too much in the grass.

In case of the rain, we will move to our Fitness Soul studio which is just around the corner.


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