From Injured Ex-Pro Canadian Swimmer to the Mobility Master


Fitness Soul Podcast #46

The story I am going to share with today is very close to my heart.
Its is about sport, passion, Olympic Trials, winning, sacrifice, losing, tears and the career ENDING injury.
But don’t worry, there will be no sad ending. Actually, this career-ending injury was a catalyst which has pushed my today guest on the path of self-improvement.
Alex story is very common. I have seen many of my friends being chewed up by the system and their health destroyed.

The truth is that in sports, the results are most important.
The qualification, the medal, the PB, that’s what counts, that what brings you and your coach fame and recognition.
Players, as young as 8-10 yrs age are only small cogs in the machine, and when they get injured, they are getting dropped.

Sometimes the demanding coach or pushing parent are to be blamed.
But sometimes A highly motivated athlete can push himself to the limit, make it or break it attitude is widespread.

The story of Alex, ex-pro Canadian swimmer wasn’t different. He started when I was eight and went on to make a Junior National Team, Olympic Trials, Swimming International and competing in the NCAA Division 1 in the States.
And then he got injured.

But there is a happy ending in this story. Even if you are broken, you can rebuild yourself; you can still be active and powerful. Its take time and some work but it is possible. Listen to the podcast to learn what exactly to do.

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