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Functional Range Conditioning – Mobility 101


Functional Range Conditioning is a game-changer! 

For the last couple of months, Alex McLaren has taught me a lot about swimming and mobility. Time to bring him and his Functional Range Conditioning Mobility 101 Class to Fitness Soul!

functional range conditioning in edinburgh

Mobility 101 Class – 6 Weeks Block

Move Better. Feel Better.

This class will help improve the quality of your movement and bullet-proof your body against injury using advanced techniques aimed to improve your flexibility, mobility and overall strength.

FRC is the system of training used by top professional athletes around the world as a tool to improve performance and even more importantly longevity.

This class is taught by Alex McLaren, who is a PT specialising in Strength and Mobility Training. Alex is Edinburgh’s only provider of both FRC and FRA, Functional Range Assessment.

The 6 weeks block starts on 31st October 2019

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