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Fundraisers for Ukraine and What’s New

We are running couple of fundraisers to raise money for Ukraine Refugees Centres in Poland.  


  • 9th March, Wednesday 9:45 am – Fitmamas Taster – All mums are welcome (and kids too). This class is a taster session before our next Fitmamas block, we decided the profit from this will go  to Mother & Child Ukrainian refugee centre
  • 11th March, Friday 6 pm – Zumba, 7 pm Cross-Training – special event where we will be raising money  for Ukrainian refugees. Join Both or come to one.  

Please sign up via timetable on the website or your glofox app. Fitmamas Taster is listed in CLASSES, while Zumba & Cross Training event is listed in COURSES. We will collect cash on the day. Suggested donation £10 per session, but you can donate whatever you can afford.

 We have few new classes & events this coming week:

  • Tuesday, 8th March  -Swimrise for International Women’s Day . It’s a big event with many people involved. We will gather from 6:30 am in front of Portobello Swim Bath and entering the water and 7am.  Joanna will lead Zumba warm up before the swim. Just turn up on the day. 
  • Tuesday ay 7:40 pm, Strong Core (Abs & Booty) – new 30 minutes class deisgned to tone and strengthen our abdominal and glutes muscles. Book via timetable
  • Friday 12:10 am Cross Training – new 30 minutes lunchtime class to give us a break between work. We are using various equipment on it: sandbags, ply boxes, kettlelbells, medicine balls, barbells and more. Book via timetable
  • Fitmamas 6 weeks block – child friendly session for mums, starts on wedesday 16th of March more details

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