Get Fitter and Healthier For Free! Personal Training and the gym membership.

We are looking for Edinburgh based person who wants to get fitter and healthier but cannot afford a gym membership or a personal trainer.


Do you know one?


The chosen person will receive 2x personal training sessions and 1 month unlimited membership, for free.
We will help you with setting up the goals, and together we will create a clear path to success!
You will learn basic exercises and how to take care of your body and mind. We will also look at your diet and the lifestyle.

No Time Waster Please! If you have recently bought an iPhone X or spending £100 each Saturday night for prosecco, this is not for you!

To apply, comment below why we should choose you or your friend or, if you want to keep it private, PM us.

Leszek, Joanna & Fitness Soul Team

Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul


We are here to ROCK – FitMamas!

Sometimes we pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So we go back to being us! We exercise, we play, we laugh. Class by class we become stronger, healthier, more confident. We are not scared to try new things. Even if we fail, we keep trying, and we never give up. We are here…

10×10 Kettlebell Challenge

Perform 100 reps as quickly as possible with the best technique. Record you time. 10×10 Kettlebell Challenge 10x Kettlebell Squat 10x Burpee 10x KB Sit Up 10x Left arm KB Press 10x Right arm KB Press 10x Kettlebell Squat 10x Left Arm KB Row 10x Right Arm KB Row 10x Push Up 10x Burpee Enjoy!

Fitness Soul Christmas Challenge 2016

For 2 weeks, starting on 19th December, every weekday we will be releasing a workout video from our Holidays Workouts Series, for FREE on our Fitness Soul Facebook Page. Ten workouts to keep you active during the winter holidays. No equipment required. Follow along in real time as Leszek and Joanna take you through each…